Why don’t you have waterless urinals?

They stink! We tried them in one trailer and the odour was unbearable; all of ours flush with a minimal amount of fresh water.

Why don’t you have hands free faucets?

Over 30 years in the business has told us that simplicity is best! The touchless faucets are battery operated and may be fine on jobs with attendants so the batteries can be changed but we don’t think our customers want to have to worry about it.    

How many washrooms do we need per number of guests? What about line ups?

You should have a minimum of one washroom for each 100 guests but to avoid lineups you may want one washroom for every 50 guests.

If I am interested in a model that requires water but I don’t have it available what can we do?

Room To Go can supply a water system for any of our trailers.    

Do you have something nicer than the plastic portables?

Yes, all of our washrooms have china bowl flush toilets, lights, sinks, mirrors, running water. 

When will it be delivered and picked up?

We normally deliver on the Friday before and pick up on the Monday after for a Saturday rental but this is flexible. Contact us to discuss your event.

How far do you deliver?

Most of our rentals occur in Toronto and southern Ontario but our price chart goes as far as Port Hope, Orillia, Owen Sound, Grand Bend, Strathroy and Fort Erie. We would quote on jobs farther away than that in Ontario.    

Do I need water and electrical connections?

Water connections and electrical are necessary for some of our models but several of them are completely self-contained or using solar power. Contact us to discuss your situation. 

Can I put them close to the tent or will odour be an issue?

It is all a sealed vessel so odour is not a concern.    

Do I need a separate washroom for serving staff?

We would recommend an additional staff washroom if you are having more than 15 staff.    

Do you rent washrooms that are wheelchair accessible?

Yes we do. We have several different single wheelchair models to choose from. View our Wheelchair Accessible Washrooms.

Is delivery extra?

Delivery is included in all of our washroom trailer prices for events but priced out separately for long term rentals.