Executive Double Trailer

Executive Double Trailer

The foundation of our business and the most reliable washroom in the business!

  • Larger capacities allow restrooms to party on for the second day and longer, or accommodate more than twice as many guests for a one day event

  • Equipped with heat and air conditioning

  • Up to 225 person capacity

  • Electric heat, mechanical ventilation, and hot water

  • Equipped with a solar/12v package to run lights and water pumps

  • A warm "Room to Go" is sustained, even at -20°

  • Great for outdoor winter or summer events

  • Perfect for weddings, picnics, reunions, concerts, parties, BBQs

  • Suitable for any outdoor event that a portable washroom is required

  • Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness

We design these self-contained Executive washrooms and build them ourselves right here in Ontario. Canadian made components are used throughout including roofs, tanks, wall panels and furniture. For over 24 years we have been manufacturing and using these washrooms personally. Along the way we have learned how to produce a superior product for our clients and have perfected our craft!

Executive Double Trailer Pics