Portable Handwash Stations

Four different models of portable handwash stations to suit your needs.

Portable Hot Water Hand Wash Stations

  • Ideal for outdoor gatherings
  • 1,000-sheet paper towel capacity
  • Two 30-fluid-oz. soap dispensers
  • Built-in lift handles
  • 21-gallon fresh water tank capacity with visual water levels
  • 23-gallon used water capacity
  • Syphon port for pump out
Portable hot water sink rental

Professional Series Hot and Cold Water Station

  • Heavy duty stainless steel cabinet, taller counter height
  • Electric hot water heater
  • Electric water pump with optional foot pedal (hands-free)
  • 5 Gallon fresh water tank
  • 7.5 Gallon grey water tank
  • Regular 110 v 15 amp outlet required
Hot Water Grandstand

Lil' Splasher

  • Designed specifically for young hands!
  • Warm and cold water at little finger tips
  • Lower design and it comes with a step
  • 110v 20 amp electrical required
Lil' Splasher portable sink rental

Nature Series Portable Sink

  • Counter height sink with dispensers
  • Hot and Cold water
  • Easy to swap fresh water and grey water tanks
  • 110v 20 amp electrical required